About us

Blue Bank International N.V. was established in 1974 and has built a substantial track record of serving its clients in various fields of international financial business, based on experience, expertise and a thorough understanding of customer needs.

Blue Bank International N.V. offers a broad range of financial services and products, for both individuals as well as companies. In addition to its own in-house expertise, it has an extensive network of external financial professionals, in order to provide clients with custom made service on a local, regional and international level.


Blue Bank International NV has four basic operational principles

Solidity and Efficiency

For Blue Bank International N.V., solidity and efficiency are fundamental in providing clients with the best guarantee of security at the time of investing their capital.

The assets of our institution are invested in diversified instruments and portfolios of values, of high liquidity, issued by stable governments, consolidated multinational companies and banking organizations of unquestionable prestige and reputation. Transactions and investments are done in stable currencies, such as the US Dollar and the Euro.


Confidentiality and Security

Blue Bank International N.V. guarantees a maximum of confidentiality in transactions and we are developing and perfecting innovative instruments to take advantage of businesses opportunities. It is our goal to optimize security for our clients and to reduce the specific risks involved with the economy of a specific market. In this regard, we closely monitor initiatives that can contribute to the safety of our clients' assets, an example being the principles and standards developed by the Wolfsberg Group (www.wolfsberg-principles.com).



Our ongoing presence of the last 38 years is a proof of being a reliable partner in today's complex financial world. Our activities are supervised by The Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten (www.centralbank.an). Blue Bank International N.V. is a member of the Association of International Bankers (www.iba.com).


Continuity and innovation

We always look ahead in order to provide the latest innovations available in the competitive market of financial products and services.


Our activities are supervised by The Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten (www.centralbank.an).



Blue Bank International N.V. is dedicated to deliver financial services and products to individuals and commercial clients, offering profitable, safe and reliable solutions in addition to an excellent customer service, based on a warm and friendly treatment and personal approach.



It is our vision to be the bank of reference in the international financial market in the Caribbean region. This is accomplished by the excellence and the quality of our services and products and by the personal attention we offer our customers. In addition, we emphasize on quickness and agility in financial transactions, powered by the latest technology.


Client benefits

Worldwide network of representatives

In addition to our headquarters on Curacao, we have a network of representatives in several other countries, available at any time to assist and help our clients with their specific needs.


Accounts in US dollars and Euros

We offer current and saving accounts, as well as several other financial instruments, in US dollars and in Euros. Blue Bank International N.V. has very accessible opening amounts.


Our activities are supervised by the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten.